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Michael Lustgarten, PhD, is a scientist living in Boston, MA. His stated goal is to live longer than anyone that has ever lived, and to achieve that goal, he'll have to science the sh*t out of aging! He regularly documents this journey with weekly videos on his YouTube Channel: Conquer Aging or Die Trying.


Sergey Vlasov is a software developer living in Chelyabinsk, Russia. He always was interested in living forever, but more as an abstract idea. In 2020, reading David Sinclair’s “Lifespan” book kickstarted his scientific study of aging. He now reads books, research papers and forums on longevity and tries to optimize his lifestyle accordingly to gained knowledge.

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We believe that measuring and tracking biomarkers is the best thing anyone can do for their health. And analyzing measurements from other people can provide valuable insights faster than just personal experiments.

We created this site to facilitate the exchange of ideas and data between anyone interested in health and longevity. To learn from each other what works to extend healthspan, supported by personal evidence.