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What is Levine's Phenotypic Age?

Originally named DNAm PhenoAge, it is an epigenetic biomarker of aging, that strongly predicts a variety of aging outcomes, including all-cause mortality, cancers, healthspan, physical functioning, and Alzheimer's disease (research paper).

This biomarker uses data from whole blood: Albumin, Creatinine, Glucose, CRP, Lymphocyte, Mean Cell Volume, Red Cell Dist Width, Alkaline Phosphatase, White Blood Cells. You can order these blood tests, and then enter the results in this Excel file. In the Ptypic Age column you will get your Levine's Phenotypic Age.

What is Aging.AI?

Aging.AI is a deep-learned predictor of your age made with a deep neural network trained on hundreds of thousands anonymized human blood tests. You can enter your blood tests data on the Aging.AI site and it will estimate your biological age.

Discontinued in January 2024.

What is AnthropoAge?

AnthropoAge estimates your biological age using body composition metrics (research paper).

For estimation of AnthropoAge, you can enter your data to the Bello-Chavolla Lab's calculator.

What biomarkers to measure?

Getting blood test results for Levine's Phenotypic Age, 2-4 times a year, will cover the most important blood biomarkers.

If you regularly perform any kind of physical exercise, daily morning HRV/RHR monitoring is a must to ensure proper recovery. You can use WHOOP, Polar H10 or any other similar device for measuring it.

After that, as you learn what other biomarkers indicate, you can add more and more tests.

What are optimal blood biomarker values?

You can find optimal blood biomarker values from all-cause mortality and aging perspectives with Test Results Analyzer.

How to join Biomarker Optimizers?

If you want to create a profile on this site and submit your biomarker measurements, email

How to learn more?

Blood_Testing_Aging Reddit community is a nice place to learn more about biomarker optimization and interact with other health enthusiasts.