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Sergey Vlasov

Birth date: 10/10/1975.

I live in Chelyabinsk, Russia, near Gagarin park.

Work from home developing software. Standing desk.

Eat mostly vegan diet (except that I also eat salmon), based on Greger's Daily Dozen. Time-restricted eating from 9am to 6pm. Water fasting on Saturdays. Supplement primarily with vitamins and minerals.

Night sleep + daily nap for about 8 hours total.

Strength exercise 4 times a week for 50 minutes, mostly bodyweight (except deadlift with dumbbells). Run 45 minutes once a week.

Family of 5, photo 7/2/2023.

Whole genome sequencing results: high risk for Alzheimer (APOE e4/e4), high risk for hypothyroidism.

Daily morning readiness test for HRV/RHR with Polar H10 + Elite HRV. Data since 9/23/2022.

Blood work since 2009.

Books on health I found most useful.

Contact email:


Blood work 24.4 with analysis 4/8/2024

Blood work 24.1 with analysis 1/3/2024

Blood work 23.10 with analysis 10/9/2023

Blood work 23.6 with analysis 6/5/2023

AnthropoAge results 5/7/2023

Blood work 23.2 with analysis 2/6/2023

Human Benchmark results 01/20/2023

FEV1=3.5, FVC=4.3 10/12/2022

SBP=107, DBP=56 10/9/2022

Blood work 22.9 with analysis 9/14/2022

Blood work 22.6 with analysis 6/8/2022